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6ABC Visions – Hurricane Maria 1 Year Later

September 26, 2018
September 26, 2018

Full Story: https://6abc.com/society/6abc-celebrates-hispanic-heritage-month-2018/3972682/

6abc Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2018

This year, we are honoring the tireless work of our local Latino leaders for assisting in the recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria on the Island of Puerto Rico, as well as here in Pennsylvania.

Friday, September 21, 2018 08:36PM

6abc proudly celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2018. This year, we are honoring the tireless work of our local Latino leaders for assisting in the recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria on the Island of Puerto Rico, as well as here in Pennsylvania. Thousands of Puerto Ricans, American citizens, are displaced and living here in Philadelphia and the surrounding region. See how local influencers and non-profit organizations are doing their best to help transition these families into their new home. Watch our video above to find out ways that YOU can help the effort.

If you wish to donate, click here.We’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a Special Visions 2018. We dive into the red-hot immigration debate and share the powerful story of a young woman making her American dream come true. We meet the man who made the biggest hand-to-hand drug bust in U.S. history…. plus, a father and son looking to MAKE history. We’ll tell you about the gift that saved a life and how evacuees of Hurricane Maria are weathering one year after the storm.

Note: The show is set at Indigo Arts Gallery, inside a new exhibition called Five Cuban Outsiders. All of the artists featured are self-taught and working in a variety of mediums from painting to sculpture and works on paper. Several started creating art when they were struggling with mental illness.

Five Cuban Outsiders
Indigo Arts Gallery
The Crane Arts Building
1400 North American St., #104, Philadelphia, PA 19122

The Immigration Debate
According to a new government study, the foreign born population in the United States is at its highest share since 1910. Those new numbers come as the political debate over immigration has reached a fevered pitch.
New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia | Facebook

Shut Down Berks Coalition

Berks County Residential Center
1040 Berks Road, Leesport, PA 19533

Visions 2018 dives into the red hot immigration debate, and shares stories of inspiring Hispanic Americans.

Meet Liliana Velasquez
Fifty percent of immigrants in America are from Latin America and each has an often powerful story to tell. Jeannette Reyes recounts the harrowing journey of a 14-year-old Guatemalan girl who risked her life for a better life.
Liliana Velasquez: Dreams and Nightmares 

Loco in the Badlands
It is the stuff of movies: An agent working deep undercover, posing as a drug kingpin in an operation that led to the biggest hand-to-hand drug bust in U.S. history. Dann Cuellar has the story.

Pedro ‘Loco’ Villegas: Loco in the Badlands

Hurricane Maria
It has been one year since Hurricane Maria tore through the Caribbean. On the island of Puerto Rico, the damage was devastating with the death toll recently raised to nearly 3,000 people. Univision’s Ilea Garcia has the story of some folks making a fresh start here in Philadelphia.


Asociacion Puertoriquenos en Marcha | APM
1900 N. 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122

To help evacuees from Hurricane Maria: (click ‘DONATE’ and note ‘GPLTRC’) 

Coatesville HS Football Father and Son

A Coatesville father and son coach and quarterback are on the road to making gridiron history. Walter Perez has their story.
Coatesville Red Raiders Football Ricky Ortega 

Gift of Life
Every day, 20 people die waiting for a life-saving transplant, and The Gift of Life is working to raise awareness in the Hispanic community, specifically, where religion reasons can often make Latinos reluctant to donate.

Gift of Life | Get involved Registry
401 N 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Diego Tribute 
Diego Castellanos has been a fixture at 6abc for nearly half a century. The longtime host of 6abc’s Puerto Rican Panorama is retiring this year. Dann Cuellar looks back on his legacy of contributions to Philadelphia’s Latino community.
Puerto Rican Panorama


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