Food Buying Club

APM-Food Buying Club (APM FBC)

The APM Food Buying Club (APM FBC) is a group of people in the community – friends, family members and neighbors – who pool resources to buy food in bulk directly from the distributor or wholesale market. Over time, members of the club save money over regular retail prices which allows them to gain access to fresher fruits and vegetables and increases their personal, in-pocket cash flow. Money saved is money earned that remains in the community and which families can put toward other things.

Food prices are on the rise including the cost of fresh produce. APM FBC wants everyone in our community to be able to get the most food for their money. A dollar can go twice – even three times – as far at wholesale markets versus the grocery store.

The three main APM Food Buying Club objectives are:

  1. To save us all valuable time and money
  2. To give us more consistent access to healthy food that we want to eat
  3. To build a stronger community

If you have questions or would like to join the APM FBC contact: (267) 296-7350, or visit our office at 1900 N. 9th Street.

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