Sustainable Communities Initiative

Sustainable Communities Initiative (APM SCI)

APM is the lead agency for the SCI of Eastern North Philadelphia. The SCI model is a flexible approach to community development which includes an intense community engagement component addressing the built environment, wealth creation, economic development, education, health, and the environment. APM SCI is the convener of community residents & other organizations dealing with critical immediate issues such as blight and crime, striving to achieve consensus on a shared vision & strategy for identifying/giving a voice to quality of life issues.

APM SCI hosts regular community meetings and conducts monthly community outreach through our Community Connectors Program and supports aligned activities by: assisting our partners articulate their role in community initiatives and assisting partners fill in the service gaps.

APM SCI continues to build public will by making sure our community members are informed, empowered and aware. APM also mobilizes funding by identifying and providing resources either with in-kind products or services, and money.

APM SCI targets Healthy Environment & Lifestyles, Arts & Culture, and Physical Environment. We strive that our community will become one of the safest, healthiest and greenest communities in the city; that arts and culture will infuse our community, provide a voice for all community members and an opportunity for exposure to other cultures and traditions, and draw Philadelphians from all over the city; and that our neighborhood will be clean and beautiful and will capitalize on its unique local assets including schools, diverse housing options and public transportation.

APM SCI strategies and action steps to successfully reach these goals include:

  • Strengthen Community policing to reduce crime in the area.
  • Promote public health programs to reduce obesity, teen pregnancy and drug abuse.
  • Make the neighborhood a green model for the city.
  • Encourage transit use and alternate modes of transportation.
  • Strengthen and market existing arts and cultural programs.
  • Highlight the cultural diversity of the neighborhood.
  • Use arts and culture to make a statement and encourage dialogue.
  • Reduce blight by managing vacant land and buildings.
  • Improve streets and public spaces.
  • Provide a range of housing options to promote a diverse community.
  • Reinforce and strengthen community assets.
  • Help Property owners maintain and improve property.

To be part of APM SCI or for information contact (215) 235-6070, or visit our office at 600 W. Diamond Street.

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APM’s Ruiz and Gray honored at PCA Conference

APM’s Ruiz and Gray honored at PCA Conference

At the 2019 M. Powell Lawton Conference hosted by Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, the 2019 Lawton Award was presented to Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha’s President & CEO Nilda Ruiz and Senior Vice President of Community & Economic Development Rose Gray. At this year’s event,..

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APM Mourns Passing of Medical Director Dr. Oscar Saldana

APM Mourns Passing of Medical Director Dr. Oscar Saldana

April 3, 2019, Philadelphia – Dr. Oscar Eduardo Saldana, medical director for Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha, Inc. (APM) passed away peacefully on March 18,2019. Dr. Saldana’s career as a psychiatrist spanned over 50 years.

Born and educated in Peru, Dr. Saldana came to the United..

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Univision 65: Government Shutdown Assistance Story

Univision 65: Government Shutdown Assistance Story

January 22, 2019 Univison 65
Government Shutdown Assistance

The City of Philadelphia will offer help for federal workers during government closure.
Univision 65 Genaro Tijerina presents the following report.

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