Family Therapy

Family Therapy

APM provides treatment through individual, family, and group therapy, as well as child play therapy in an outpatient setting. We currently provide Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), an evidence-based practice for families and children, ages 2-7. This therapy is conducted with the parent as the lead, reinforcing the parental authority.

What is PCIT?
PCIT works with parents and children to improve the quality of their relationship. Parents are taught the necessary skills to manage their children’s conduct issues. Parents who are

Who benefits from PCIT

  • Parents who are:
    Fatigued, depressed, stressed and feel guilty and confused about how to handle their child’s disturbing and difficult behavior.
  • Children who:
    • 2 – 7 years old and show many of the following problematic behaviors
    • Problems in school, pre-school, or day care
    • Aggression towards their parents, brothers, or other children
    • Talk back to their parents
    • Do not follow directions
    • Frequent temper tantrums
    • Swear
    • Defiance
    • Live with their parents (or will soon be reunited)
    • Take medication to manage their behavior problems
    • Are biological or in foster care

(The treatment can be carried out with the child’s biological, foster, or adoptive parents).

Contact either of our clinic locations:
4301 Rising Sun Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19140, 267.296.7220
3263 N. Front Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140, 215.426.1077

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APM Sugarcane Festival 2017

APM Sugarcane Festival 2017

A photo collage of the images of our 2017 Sugarcane Festival. June 3, 2017

Music by Funk Salsa Urban





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APM Sugarcane Festival 2016

APM Sugarcane Festival 2016

A photo display of the 2016 APM Sugarcane Festival.

Photos by Simon Bolivar and music by Franco Olivo Y Alto Voltaje.




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