Commercial Development

Commercial Development

Since incorporating community and economic development into its portfolio of services in 1990, APM has leveraged over $140 million in physical development financing—transforming a community of blight into a community of choice.

Projects completed since 1989 include:

  • The development of seven (7) Low-income housing tax credit rental units
  • 67 units of Market Rate rental
  • 163 units of home ownership
  • A 46,500 square foot retail center that includes a supermarket, financial institution and laundry
  • Preservation of over 100 units of existing home ownership
  • Stabilization of 20 acres of vacant land; and most recently
  • Paseo Verde—a mixed-use, mixed-income Transit-Oriented Development
    • Paseo Verde has LEED Platinum designation for Neighborhood District, Mid-rise building and Townhome
    • Paseo Verde consists of 67 units of market rate rentals, 53 units of affordable rental units
    • 30,000 SF of commercial space hosting a Pharmacy, a Federally Qualified Health Center and a Community Umbrella Agency (CUA) for the 24th & 26th Police Districts
    • APM Corporate Headquarters
    • The development of Paseo Verde led to the creation of 91 full time skilled jobs

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