Community Umbrella Agency (APM-CUA)

Community Umbrella Agency (APM-CUA)

APM-CUA is a community-based agency that is responsible to improve the safety, stability, and well-being of the children and families in the 24th and 26th police districts through Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services (DHS). This program is geared toward maintaining more youth and children safely in their own homes and communities and improving child and family functioning.

APM-CUA ensures that local solutions and resources are more accessible to our children and families. We develop connections to formal and informal neighborhood networks that can strengthen and stabilize the families we currently serve.

DHS and APM CUA objectives:

  1. More children and youth maintained safely in their own homes and communities
  2. More children and youth achieving timely permanence
  3. A reduction in the use of group homes
  4. Improved child and family functioning

For questions or concerns contact 1-855-KIDSAPM (855-543-7276), or visit our office at 1900 N. 9th St.

For urgent matters or to contact us after hours, call us at 1-855-999-1276.

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