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Community & Economic Development

We work hand in hand with community members to build dynamic neighborhoods. APM not only addresses the physical needs of the community but also quality of life issues in the neighborhoods we serve by advocating for much-needed social, economic and environmental changes. Our planning and development are guided and driven by a community planning process. Since 1989, we’ve leveraged more than $240 million in physical development financing, allowing us to transform a community of blight into a community of choice.

Our housing counselors have the skills to help you through every aspect of the homeownership process. Within a three-year period, APM’s housing counselors have provided foreclosure counseling to 267 households with an 80% successful resolution rate. No homes purchased through APM have been foreclosed on.

Everyone deserves to find a place to call home. Our bilingual housing counselors identify homeownership opportunities for first-time, low-income homebuyers. We work with you to develop a personal plan toward homeownership that starts with pre-purchase guidance. Those who qualify can also secure grants for purchasing a home.

We’re strongest when we work together. The APM Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) refers residents to publicly funded activities and supports those we serve through other APM initiatives and programs. We rely on community residents (our “Community Connectors”) who are committed to keeping their neighbors informed and engaged. Involvement can range from conducting door-to-door outreach to collaborating with partner organizations.

With our help, you’re sure to find a property that meets your needs. APM boasts a portfolio of rental housing, including townhomes, factory conversions, semi-detached homes and apartments. We’ve developed more than 200 safe and affordable rental units.

We ensure that community members are the primary drivers of positive neighborhood change. APM is the lead agency for the Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) of Eastern North Philadelphia. The SCI model is a flexible approach to community development that relies on community engagement with a focus on wealth creation, economic development, education, health and the environment. APM SCI is the convener of community residents and other organizations dealing with critical neighborhood matters, such as blight and crime, to achieve a shared vision and strategy that give a voice to quality-of-life issues.

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