APM and UNIDOS PA’ PR Supports Those Impacted by Hurricane Fiona

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UNIDOS PA’ PR Supports Those Impacted by Hurricane Fiona

Press Conference Amidst Flooding and Power Outages in Puerto Rico

PHILADELPHIA, PA – September 21, 2022 – UNIDOS PA’ PR, a robust grassroots collaborative,  holds a press conference to announce plans to alleviate yet another devastating nightmare to the people of Puerto Rico as they experience the wrath of torrential down pour caused by Hurricane Fiona.  Just days after the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria, we are struck with images and videos of the aftermath caused by Hurricane Fiona.  From its inception and following the unimaginable tragedy Hurricane Maria plagued upon the island, Unidos PA’ PR has committed to uniformity, shared resources, and knowledge with one goal –  To assist those in need during these times of crisis.

Reports reveal that over 700,000 were left without water, 800,000 people lost power, and as the water recedes, officials believe the damage assessment will be overwhelming.  These are devastating facts that slice deep into the open wound Hurricane Maria inflicted on the people who reside in “La Isla Del Encanto”.  UNIDOS PA’ PR leaders aim to coordinate efforts in the days and weeks to come to alleviate the situation. After Hurricane Maria, the Committee worked tirelessly to build statewide support, raise funds, and managed incoming resources to help stabilize life for the people of Puerto Rico.  We are prepared to do same to alleviate those who fall prey to the wrath of Hurricane Fiona.

When: September 21, 2022

Time: 1 PM

Where: 1900 North 9th Street Philadelphia, PA 19122


UNIDOS PA’PR is a group of dignitaries and nonprofit leaders who have come together to form a robust grassroots collaborative.  Its main mission and emphasis is to respond swiftly through strategic planning and assist those in the event of catastrophic events.


Contact: Emily Cordero, Director of Communications

Unidos PA’ PR

1900 N. 9th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19122

Office: 1-267-296-7350

Cell: 1-267-255-7625

Email: Emily.Cordero@apmphila.org


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