We work hand in hand with community members to build dynamic neighborhoods.

APM not only addresses the physical needs of the community but also quality of life issues in the neighborhoods we serve by advocating for much-needed social, economic and environmental changes.

Our planning and development are guided and driven by a community planning process. Since 1989, we’ve leveraged more than $240 million in physical development financing, allowing us to transform a community of blight into a community of choice.

Some of the outcomes of our shared vision over the past 22 years include:

  • 150 homeownership units
  • 264 safe, affordable rental units targeted to persons at or below 60 percent AMI
  • 44K square feet of commercial space at Borinquen Plaza Retail Center which houses a full-service supermarket, furniture store and TruMark Financial Credit Union
  • 30K square feet of commercial space at Paseo Verde, including our headquarters, 67 market rate units, a federally-qualified health center, pharmacy and our Community Umbrella Agency
  • 130 homes preserved through the City of Philadelphia BSRP and Rebuild program
  • Stabilization of 20 acres of vacant land for future development
  • A 44-unit Senior Housing LIHTC development for individuals ages 65 and older coming in 2021

We are currently engaged in the preservation of all affordable rental units in our portfolio. Preservation is key to maintaining an equitable development community.

We also take great pride in the creation of Paseo Verde, a mixed-use, mixed-income transit-oriented development where our headquarters are now located. As the first triple-LEED platinum building and LEED Neighborhood Development in the United States, Paseo Verde has been recognized as an outstanding development by the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations, the American Institute of Architects and the Urban Land Institute. Awards and press for Paseo Verde can be found here.

For more information contact 215.235.6070, or visit our office at 600 W. Diamond Street. Hours are limited due to COVID-19 changes. Our headquarters at Paseo Verde (1900 N. 9th Street) are open Monday through Friday.

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