With our help, you’re sure to find a property that meets your needs.

APM boasts a portfolio of rental housing, including townhomes, factory conversions, semi-detached homes and apartments. We’ve developed more than 200 safe and affordable rental units.

Current rental properties:

  • One APM Plaza, 2327 7th Street (24 units)
  • Two APM Plaza, 2311 7th Street (12 units)
  • Hogar De Esperanza, 2203 Germantown Avenue (20 units)
  • Proyecto Escalera, 2355 Germantown Avenue (24 SRO units)
  • Jardines De Borinquen I, 2024 6th Street (45 units)
  • Jardines De Borinquen II, 2016 Marshall Street (45 units)
  • Taino Gardens, 604 Dauphin Street (45 units)

Interested in renting? Call 267-507-1341, or visit us at 2203 Germantown Avenue Monday through Friday.

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