We ensure that community members are the primary drivers of positive neighborhood change.

APM is the lead agency for the Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) of Eastern North Philadelphia.

The SCI model is a flexible approach to community development that relies on community engagement with a focus on wealth creation, economic development, education, health and the environment. APM SCI is the convener of community residents and other organizations dealing with critical neighborhood matters, such as blight and crime, to achieve a shared vision and strategy that give a voice to quality-of-life issues.

APM SCI continues to build public will by making sure our community members are informed, empowered and aware. We also mobilize residents by providing resources either with in-kind products or services or through funding.

We strive to:

  • Make our community one of the safest, healthiest and greenest in Philadelphia
  • Use arts and culture as an opportunity to highlight other cultures and traditions
  • Draw in Philadelphians from all over the city
  • Capitalize on our neighborhood’s unique local assets

We host regular community meetings and conduct outreach through our Community Connectors, an intergenerational leadership development program. Community connectors serve as the liaisons of the Sustainable Communities Initiative, bringing together the community and local and citywide resources that address any needs and gaps in services. Additionally, the program offers opportunities for professional development and networking within the field of community & economic development.

To join APM SCI or for more information, please contact us at 215.235.6070 or iliana.dominguezfranco@apmphila.org, or visit our office at 600 W. Diamond Street. Hours are limited due to COVID-19 changes.

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