We’re strongest when we work together.

The APM Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) refers residents to publicly funded activities and supports those we serve through other APM initiatives and programs.

We rely on community residents (our “Community Connectors”) who are committed to keeping their neighbors informed and engaged. Involvement can range from conducting door-to-door outreach to collaborating with partner organizations. NAC works on the ground to coordinate informative community meetings on development projects, City programs and upcoming initiatives, as well as assessing feedback about neighborhood concerns and needs.

To ensure that there is a broad reach, NAC leverages its capacity by collaborating with community leaders and partners, such as schools, churches and businesses and with development services stakeholders, including residents, investors, private developers, Philadelphia Housing Authority, Temple University, Philadelphia Water Department, OHCD and others.

For more information contact 215.235.6070, or visit our office at 600 W. Diamond Street. Hours are limited due to COVID-19 changes.

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